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When Should You Get an Electrical Safety Inspection?

Service Pup here again! I’ve got some hot tips for you in case you are worried about the safety of your home’s electrical fixtures. Our team specializes in comprehensive electrical safety, and we wanted to share with you in the infographic below the benefits of an electrical safety inspection:

If you are concerned that there may be an immediate emergency, call us right away to perform an electrical home inspection — but if you only have a slight suspicion that there’s something fishy going on, be on the lookout for these four warning signs!

4 Signs You Should Schedule an Electrical Safety Inspection


Flickering Lights


If your light fixtures are flickering or dimming during regular use, this could be a sign that there are other electrical appliances in your home that are hogging all the power! The last thing you want to deal with is a sudden power outage when you run multiple appliances at once — so give us a call, and we will test the appliances and circuits in question, and if we need to, we can move your lighting fixture’s power supply to a different circuit.


Burning Smell


If you smell something burning when you use an electrical appliance in your home, that’s bad news! Anytime you smell something burning, and you believe the smell is associated with an electrical fixture or appliance, you should stop using the power and call Service Pups immediately to come perform an electrical safety inspection. Your outlets and fuse boxes are a commonplace where a burning smell would occur if there are issues.


Hot Sockets or Switches


If you can feel heat coming from any of your sockets or switches, this could be another bad sign — while a steadily-warm socket may not be a cause for concern, anything that feels hot to the touch is likely bad news. If an outlet feels hot without having anything even plugged into it, that’s another red flag that you should schedule an electrical safety inspection as soon as possible!


Tripped Circuit Breakers


Your home’s fuses and circuit breakers are meant to protect electrical appliances and your home from disaster. Your circuit breaker is designed to “trip” whenever the electrical load is too high in order to prevent an overload and protect against damage. If your circuit breaker trips whenever you use a specific outlet, this could be a sign that that part of the circuit is overloaded! Call Service Pups ASAP to perform an inspection if this is happening to you. 

Contact Service Pups to Schedule an Electrical Safety Inspection

Whether you need a home electrical inspection in Burlington County, Montgomery County, or any other communities in the area, you can count on the experts at Service Pups to ease your worries and provide solutions to the issues you are dealing with. Contact us today to schedule an electrical safety inspection for your home!

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Technician was friendly and knowledgeable. I will tell my friends and family about Service Pups! Great experience!

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This team is amazing. They are very professional and the customer service is amazing. The prices are great and they are the nicest people ever. I promise you, you won't be disappointed!

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Service Pups helped me out when I needed to find a source of electricity and disconnected electric outside that could have become dangerous. Very polite, professional, and eager to help us out!

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I want to say they did an amazing job at my new home. Not only did Service Pups do an amazing job with the recessed lighting but walked us through what products to use and why. Their professionalism never wavered and I’m glad we chose them to do our work. I will definitely use Service Pups again and recommend them to anyone!

- Joann T.