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What Causes an Electrical Connection to Melt?

Hello there, friends! It is I, your trusted electrical superhero, Service Pup! As I spend my nights out and about, fighting electrical safety evildoers wherever they may rear their ugly heads, I encourage you to keep your eye one of the most nefarious villains of them all: Dr. Electrical Connection Melt!

To avoid electrical connection meltdowns in your home, keep your eyes open for some of these common underlying causes:

Short Circuits

A short circuit occurs when a live wire directly makes contact with a neutral wire. When this happens, a fuse typically blows, cutting off the electrical supply before an electrical connection can melt. However, if the fuse doesn’t blow and electricity continues flowing, the wires will heat up, melting the outer plastic coating and possibly causing a fire.

Power Overloads

When you power on an electrical appliance, it draws current through the wires and connections commensurate with how much energy the appliance requires. If the flow of current surpasses the wire’s capacity, the internal wire will heat up, and may eventually cause the outer plastic coating and connections to melt if not turned off in time.

Coiled Wire

The electricity that flows through a wire creates a magnetic electric field current, which is what generates the buzzing sound that often issues from the large overhead electricity cables. Coils of wire, such as extension leads, increases the magnetic electrical field current and produces heat. As the wire heats up, it can make the outer plastic coating softer, which strengthens the electrical field and eventually causes the coating to melt.

Melting Combinations

Electrical fires often happen due to one seemingly minor incident leading to another, resulting in a combination of events that cause electrical connection melting. The overheating of wire caused by one or multiple of the prior examples can begin this process. Once a wire gets hot, the heat can travel up the wire until it reaches an electrical connection, which can then overheat and melt and expose bare wires. Ultimately, these cause a short circuit, producing yet more heat and melting the plug connection.

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