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Maintain the Current of Your Electrical Outlets with Surge Protection Services

At a time where winds are high and temperatures are low, using your home furnace alone might not be enough to warm you up. Ah ha! You remember to whip out your heavy-duty portable heater and rely on its ability to provide strong, direct, and lasting heat. Similarly, on the hottest day of summer, you crank up the air conditioner with the hopes that you won’t need to stick your head in the freezer. Your appliances are holding up great, but just when you’ve reached the perfect temperature, your power suddenly goes out in your whole house! While confused and distressed, you fail to realize that your high-powered devices have caused a high voltage electrical current.

What is a Surge?

A surge is an event where the wiring in your home experiences a jolt of high electrical voltage. This high voltage electrical current can cause your appliances to flicker on and off, or even worse, damage them completely. Power surges can also damage electrical outlets and can result in life-threatening electrical fires.

Causes of Power Surges & How to Protect Your Property

While you may not be able to prevent power surges, by knowing how they occur, you can take the appropriate steps in protecting your property from damages.


  • Damaged or Exposed Wires — Damaged wires do not carry electrical currents as they should, which can increase the chance of a surge.
  • Crowded Outlets — Overloading one outlet with multiple devices can cause an electrical fire or power surge.
  • Electrical Devices — Large devices and appliances are required to use an excessive amount of electricity to function.
  • Lightning — When lightning hits a power line, it experiences a spike in electrical voltage.
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Surge Protection
The best way to avoid unexpected power loss throughout your whole house is to get surge protection. A surge protector is a device that shields high voltage electrical currents from traveling through power supply lines to reach the electrical devices and appliances in your home. While preventing high electrical currents from reaching your devices, surge protectors allow the appropriate amount of voltage to enter through your wires. At Service Pup, we provide power surge protection services in Burlington County, Camden County, Mercer County, Bucks County, Montgomery County, and Philadelphia County.

While power surges can be severe and cause blatant disruption, they can also be minor and undetectable. Your smoke detector will be able to detect fires and smoke buildup caused by severe power surges. For homes and other properties that need a replacement device, it’s important to contact us for smoke detector installation services.

See how our specialists can protect your home, today!

Getting protection against surges for your home or property can help you avoid the inconvenience of costly damages and repairs. To ensure your supply lines are in good working condition, it’s important to get electrical inspections regularly. We offer surge protector installations in Burlington County, Camden County, Mercer County, Bucks County, Montgomery County, and Philadelphia County. Don’t wait — contact us to protect your property from the hazards of high electrical currents.

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