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Power Up With an Electric Car Charging Station

In addition to interior lighting installation and exterior lighting installation, our team here at Service Pup performs expert installations for electric car charging stations right in your home’s garage. We proudly provide a wide range of electrical services for communities in and surrounding:

  • Burlington County
  • Camden County
  • Mercer County
  • Bucks County
  • Montgomery County
  • Philadelphia County

Continue reading to learn more about what our team at Service Pup can do for you and your vehicle.

What is an Electric Car Charging Station?

An electric car charging station, also known as a home EV (electric vehicle) charger, is a device used to supply energy to electric cars and vehicles. Although the technology that goes into electric cars is quite high-tech, commercial charging stations can still be tough to find, particularly outside of large cities.

A home EV charger gives you the ability to power your car overnight while parked in your garage or driveway. Further, a home EV charger will fuel your car much faster than typical charging cables.

How Do Home EV Chargers Work?
It may surprise you to learn that, technically speaking, an EV charger is not really a charger at all. Rather, an electric car’s charger is located inside your vehicle, buried deep in the car. This charger takes an AC source of power and converts it to DC, which is the energy your car runs on.

Your electric car charging station that our team installs is what connects your car to that source of AC power, providing it with a 240-volt source of energy.

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What Features Do You Need?
Before installing your electric car charging station, make sure to keep the following questions in mind:
Where will you be charging?
Think about where your electric car will be parked and the ideal location for your equipment. Measure the distance from where your EV charger will hang on the wall to the charging port on your car. Typically, cables run from approximately 15’ to 25’, so make sure your cord can reach where it needs to go.

How much space do you have?
Before you do your installation, remember that many EV chargers can take up a lot of space, with some being as large as 24”x16”. Depending on the space available in your home garage, you may have preferences in differently-sized chargers.

What is your car’s amperage capacity?
You should buy an EV charger that handles at least 30 amps, which will quickly power up most modern electric cars.

Also, keep in mind that although most plug-in hybrids don’t take full advantage of the faster rate, it’s still good practice to have the capacity to charge at least at the 30-amp level. Even if your current car cannot fully utilize the higher amperage, it will save you from having to upgrade in a few years if you purchase a new car with a faster onboard charger. It is also convenient to allow friends and visitors with faster-charging electric vehicles to get a full charge from your home garage.

Start Getting Charged Up Today!
Our team at Service Pup proudly provides a broad range of electrical services for communities in and surrounding Burlington County, Camden County, Mercer County, Bucks County, Montgomery County, and Philadelphia County. Give our crew a call to begin your installation today!

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Technician was friendly and knowledgeable. I will tell my friends and family about Service Pups! Great experience!

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Service Pups helped me out when I needed to find a source of electricity and disconnected electric outside that could have become dangerous. Very polite, professional, and eager to help us out!

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I want to say they did an amazing job at my new home. Not only did Service Pups do an amazing job with the recessed lighting but walked us through what products to use and why. Their professionalism never wavered and I’m glad we chose them to do our work. I will definitely use Service Pups again and recommend them to anyone!

- Joann T.