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How At-Home Electric Car Chargers Can Help You in the Long Run

Hi again all! It’s your favorite canine electrician Service Pup here! I’m back again to help you humans save a little extra money and help the environment at the same time! Over the past few years, we have seen an increase in the number of electric cars on the road. Whether you are driving an […]

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Safety Tips for Using Your Outdoor Electric

Hi all, it’s your old pal service pup at it again with more electrical safety tips and tricks. Summer is here once again, and I can already smell the burgers on the grill! It’s just about time for barbecues, pool parties, and other forms of outdoor entertaining in Philadelphia and Bucks County.  

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Why You Should Consider a Backup Generator For Your Home

Hey pals, Service Pup is at it again with another time and money-saving suggestion for Philadelphia County homeowners! If you’re wondering how to keep you and your family safe and comfortable in the event of an unexpected blackout, it might be wise to invest in a backup generator for your home. 

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When Should You Get an Electrical Safety Inspection?

Service Pup here again! I’ve got some hot tips for you in case you are worried about the safety of your home’s electrical fixtures. Our team specializes in comprehensive electrical safety, and we wanted to share with you in the infographic below the benefits of an electrical safety inspection: If you are concerned that there […]

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Tips for Preventing Electrical Fires at Home

Hi there! It’s your friendly neighborhood pal, Service Pup, here to share some important information with you regarding electrical fires. Did you know that thousands of homes and hundreds of lives are affected each year by electrical fires? Even if you haven’t experienced an electrical fire in your home, they are becoming increasingly common. While […]

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What You Need to Know About Power Outages

Hey there pals, Service Pup is back to share some useful nuggets of information with you! First off, let me start by saying that if you experience a power outage and have a pup of your own, don’t expect him or her to successfully navigate the house in complete darkness! Continue reading to learn more […]

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5 Electrical Safety Tips for Seniors

Hey pals, it’s me again! I just wanted to take the time to speak the older folks out there — or their caretakers — about electrical safety. Many senior homeowners experience physical limitations that can put them at risk of severe injuries. At Service Pups, our team provides expert electrical services throughout the year, and […]

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4 Electrical Repairs You Shouldn’t Add to Your DIY List

Hey pals, Service Pup is back and here to share a very important lesson with you all. If you think I’m here to give you some expert DIY advice, think again. My paws just aren’t built for hands-on projects, otherwise, I would be! Nevertheless, the booming DIY market has turned even the most sedentary person […]

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4 Common Types of Electrical Emergencies

Hey friends, it’s me, Service Pup! Today I want to talk to you about a few common types of electrical emergencies, their potential causes, warning signs, and what you should do if you are having problems. As the premier provider of electrical wiring services in Burlington County, we know how important it is to recognize […]

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4 Reasons to Get Professional Electrical Inspection Services

Hey pals, Service Pup here! Our team is back and ready to ensure the safety of your home with our professional electrical system inspections. Did you know that routine inspection can actually prevent electrical disasters? Well, it sure can! Better yet, the Service Pup team follows the National Electrical Code (NEC) to ensure your wiring […]

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The Importance of Landscape Lighting for Your Home

Hey friends, Service Pup here! While on my many missions to defend victims against electrical disasters, I’ve traveled by a fair share of houses — some immersed with bright lights, and others, well, dark and dreary. While there’s nothing wrong with opting out of exterior home lighting, there are a ton of compelling reasons why […]

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What Causes an Electrical Connection to Melt?

Hello there, friends! It is I, your trusted electrical superhero, Service Pup! As I spend my nights out and about, fighting electrical safety evildoers wherever they may rear their ugly heads, I encourage you to keep your eye one of the most nefarious villains of them all: Dr. Electrical Connection Melt!

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Tips for Doing Extension Cords Right this Summer

Hey pals, it’s Service Pup! Summertime is here with a vengeance, bringing with it sunshine, pollen, and kids playing happily in the street. For your electrical system, the summertime means more risks, which means more reasons for getting routine maintenance and troubleshooting at-risk areas around your property.

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Technician was friendly and knowledgeable. I will tell my friends and family about Service Pups! Great experience!

- Alex B.

This team is amazing. They are very professional and the customer service is amazing. The prices are great and they are the nicest people ever. I promise you, you won't be disappointed!

- Beth C.

Service Pups helped me out when I needed to find a source of electricity and disconnected electric outside that could have become dangerous. Very polite, professional, and eager to help us out!

- Tom S.

I want to say they did an amazing job at my new home. Not only did Service Pups do an amazing job with the recessed lighting but walked us through what products to use and why. Their professionalism never wavered and I’m glad we chose them to do our work. I will definitely use Service Pups again and recommend them to anyone!

- Joann T.