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3 Reasons Why Your Circuit Breaker Panel Could Be Buzzing

Hey everybody, it’s me, Service Pup! As both a superhero and a certified electrician, one of the questions I receive the most often has to do with the buzzing noise that homeowners frequently hear from their circuit breaker.

First and foremost, I want to emphasize that such a situation is not always just a simple annoyance. The truth is that your circuit breaker should never be making any kind of buzzing noise, and could indicate something dangerous. In fact, if it is not inspected properly and repaired by a certified and seasoned electrician, this seemingly small annoyance can cause severe safety concerns.

Hearing a buzzing from your electrical panel is never good, and it’s critical to know what’s causing the buzzing sound issuing from your circuit breaker panel. Courtesy of Service Pups, check out these possible causes.

1. The Lights on Your Dimmer Switches

Once in a while, you will hear a small buzzing sound near the dimmer switch for any kind of light. This is because dimmer switches generate a continuous on and off cycle. This is what creates the ambient lighting effect: it is simply too fast for the human eye to perceive.

2. The “Mains Hum”

Another familiar humming sound associated with circuit breakers is referred to as the mains hum. This is a condition where the electrical wiring or equipment causes a low frequency humming effect whenever it’s turned on or off; typically, this sort of humming sound is associated with audio devices.

3. The Wiring and Outlets

Occasionally, an improperly grounded wire can carry too many volts, resulting in a humming sound. This can be a significant safety issue. If you ever notice a humming sound coming from one of your outlets, don’t attempt to repair or diagnose the problem yourself; reach out to a certified professional instead.

However, no matter the situation, a humming or buzzing noise coming from a circuit breaker should always be a cause for concern, as it may indicate a more severe electrical problem that requires addressing.

If this sounds like you, don’t hesitate to call upon the superheroes here at Service Pups today!

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