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Why You Should Consider a Backup Generator For Your Home

Hey pals, Service Pup is at it again with another time and money-saving suggestion for Philadelphia County homeowners! If you’re wondering how to keep you and your family safe and comfortable in the event of an unexpected blackout, it might be wise to invest in a backup generator for your home. 

Dogs can sense tension, and I’ve been noticing how high-strung everyone is these days. With everyone stuck at home all day watching tv and keeping their lights on, power grids are likely under some additional strain. An unexpected power outage can send anyone into a barking frenzy, but losing power at a time like this (while hotels are closing and home improvement stores have lines out the door) can leave you and your family in a tough spot.

Here’s how a whole-home backup generator can help you and your family in the event of a power outage:

It Can Keep Your Food From Spoiling 

Losing power is not just inconvenient — it can mess up your day in a lot of ways. Losing power to your fridge for too long can cause all your kibbles and bits to spoil, which may be costly and frustrating. Having a good backup generator can help you avoid wasted food and extra trips to the grocery store.

It Promotes Home Security 

Having a home security system can keep your home safe from burglars (especially when I’m distracted by juicy steak or some snausages!). Of course, most home security systems run on your home’s power, and losing that can leave you vulnerable. With a backup generator, you don’t have to worry about compromised security from an outage. 

It Keeps Your Sump Pump Running 

Dealing with a basement flood can cause expensive water damage and be a real headache. Losing power can knock out your pump and prevent your basin from adequately draining. However, having the right back up generator in your home can keep unwanted moisture out of your basement, even when your main power supply is out. 

For more information on backup generator installation in Camden County, reach out to the friendly experts at Service Pups today!

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